Ceramic Ware

Ever designed a Wall Decal of Ceramic Plates in your living room, each being the Last plate left alive from a beautiful set you or your beloved one once used?

That doesn't have to be the cause for the existence of Wall Decal Plates, I'm just creating Love out of every brilliant Idea!

Anyways, these Earthenware Ceramic plates and Ceramic bowls, be them Flat, Shallow or Deep, are just marvelous.

Palestinian art which goes way back to the Ancient Dynasties of the Holy Land; each is hand molded, hand painted and kiln glazed to the final finish of heavy ceramic.

"The pot has found its Lid", as the Arabic saying goes....well this ceramic is just the right type and combination of clay that makes it stand out, due to the fact that geologically speaking, Palestine is a Mountainous area where the nature of its crust is filled with a variety of substance that is fit for durable ceramicware sets of art.

Embrace the MysticLand...   

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