Glass Art

Fancy Crystal Stemware

from Retro Glass Eras to

the Ancient methods of Stained Glass Art 


   These translucent Crystal Goblets are not intended as wine glasses for one reason; You will love them and We LOVE You too; so we need you aware anytime and enabled to react with life.  We strongly believe that they are Stemware used Exclusively to keep you sober Yet mystically happy enjoying any kind of juice, water or cocktail through them and free of escapism. 


 A Rainbow of High Quality RARE Luster Pigmented Etched French  Crystal Stemware, tumblers, pilsners & cocktails.

   An Inventory, hidden in the darkness of a far away storage dungeon owned by an old Mysterious Merchant in an industries old deserted town that has not yet been effected with Internet Marketing Fever ..... Brand NEW, each stemware lies in its compartment package, treasured and waiting for that special someone to stumble upon its beauty... it's time for it to see the Light.

With these come The Vibrant colors of the Blown glass Balls, Bowls, Renaissance Cocktail Glasses and Blown glass Oil Lamps, 

They will just amaze you. 

The Crystal glass was imported from France, all the Crystals were Frosted and Painted in the Holy Lands; particularly at our art studio in the Ancient city of Hebron.  

Using an Ancient Technique known as Luster Pigmentation to paint the Glass before inserting it into the Kiln, you can't but feel the Mystical Vibe of Everlasting Blessings and Happiness when interacting with these beauties. 

Crystal is known for its Glamorous Etched surface , Durability and Musical humming rumbling sound when You have that Cheer.

Permanent Luster colors.... Light reflects with a Golden tint from the Frosted surface, so after you finish your special romantic dinner, make to sure to place them on a glass shelf facing the Sun .. They will be your new Dazzling Sun Catchers.

....Let us embrace you into MysticLand.


Own & Adore

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