Love Fever Goblet

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      • High Quality French Crystal Glass Drink ware  21 


      • Illuminates light naturally thanks to the Velvety Stains being infused permanently within the Crystal's Sparkly structure at the atomic level.  And by that we mean it is awaiting to set rainbows in your lively events and special moments.


      • Glass Staining tactic is carried on and valued dearly by our Palestinian Artisans. Ever since the times of the Unique Ancient Egyptian and Syrian Luster Pigmentation Methods for Glass Art from the 7th -9th Centuries; which also was carried on from the Byzantium Eras.  


      • Durable Scratch resistant finish; dish-washable 


      • Retains the coolness of your drink for a longer period of time 


      • A SunCatcher and even best as  NeonCatcher if placed near light source after each use, especially on a glass shelf as it stands out in the center of your living room when absorbing and reflecting light.


    • Liquid Capacities in the options
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