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 Feel free to reach out and contact us about anything; our interest is to give both you the chance to experience the beauty of the Palestinian craft and us the chance to prove our authenticity.

  You will find products ranging from a mere cost for a pack of Indian Incense, to a luxurious expensive unique Crystal Stemware Glass Stemware, a hand molded, glazed and painted Ceramic ware.

With us you will always be satisfied.


Your order will be shipped through USPS Priority mail within 1-2 days and reaches your door steps after 1-5 days anywhere in the US 

6- 30 days anywhere outside the US.

Call us at   +1 - 815 - 388 -8909

or : 972 - 569-745-303


Write us at

Send us a message through Messenger's  Blue  rectangle found on the sides here and there on the website.


We are an online eCommerce business based in the U.S.A and Ship from the U.S.A. and from Hebron, Palestine

Address (1) :


Rochelle, Illinois, 61068



Address (2) :

Wadi Alhariyah

Hebron, West Bank 90100



Looking forward to hearing from you,

Bashair Jabari and the Mystic Land Team.


Palestinian Hand blown Blown Glass


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