Mystic Land Frosted Droplet Crystal Goblet

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  • French Crystal 21 Droplet Goblets
  • Using an ancient Staining Method from back in the 7th to the 9th centuries of the Egyptian era, called Luster Pigmentation
  • Fills in 7 ounces
  • Safe to Drink From ; Crafting Process : Crystal Placed into a Kiln, infusing the Stain into the glass from the outer layer of the glass.

  • Standing at 7.25" and 2.75" in diameter
  • The permanent Luster pigmentation Stain is insoluble non-toxic for safe sipping! 

  • Luxurious High quality French molded Crystal Glass

  • Hand Stained Luster Stains

  • Durable and Scratch resistant Crystal

  • Retains the coolness of your drink for a longer period of time, and awaits to set rainbows in your lively events and special moments.

  • Light hits its surface and reflects the beautiful Frosted color infused in the Crystal
  • Shipping from the US within the US ( 3-5 days )


Best placed on a glass shelf to receive and reflect the rays of sunlight or neon light as the exquisite Sun Catcher it is.





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