Big Mamma

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Big Mamma can't be replaced; it's Love that you'll always chase.

Big Mamma is the vase made to be similar and not 100% Identical; so some might have the magenta color smear higher or lower.

Stands 6" Tall & spreades 4" Wide.

 Let Big Mamma giggle your imagination as you own it for yourself or a dear one.

There are only 2 pieces Left of Big Mamma this Season; If you wish to order " Big Mamma " after the listed quantity is over, just message us with your request and be acknowledged that it might take 1-2 months for your order to be made and shipped from Palestine to the US.

Palestinian Art of Blown Glass; where we Blow, Paint and Insert the item into a Kiln for a permanent finish. Best washed by hand or light dish washer cycle. 


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