Blown Glass ~ Joy Tear Drop

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Mystic Blown Glass Drops, Cobalt Blue Glass Joy Tear Drops | Red, Cobalt, Turquoise, Brown, Hazel, Clear, Green


SHIPPED DIRECTLY FROM Palestine ( needs 7-10 days to arrive to your door step ; Shipping costs drops $5 if more than 1 Ball is purchased )


Joy Drops

Hanging from the ceiling, the Decorative Hanging Glass Ball will infuse a beautiful visual sense to your Living room ... above you where ever you are as you lie in relaxation mode, while the breeze rotates the drop, it reflects colorful Light rays onto your walls when sunlight hits its surface.

MysticLand Hand Blown Glass Drops.

MysticLand Blown Glass Joy Tear Drops .... a Taste of an Ancient Glass Art from the Holy Lands.

Varying in size , these transparent warm colored hand blown glass Drops, stand out To illuminate your room as they hang freely to roam in winds path.

- Recycled Durable Kiln blown Glass and annealed

- Dishwasher safe

- A variety of colors to choose from

Free gift card and wrapping included with your purchase to the gift recipients.Please write your personal message in the Notes section at the time of check out.

Thank You for stopping by, Prayers & Peace, take care : )


( Your order will be shipped world-wide directly from the Holy Lands, with Producing Time and Shipping ranging from 2 days to 2 weeks depending on color of glass in Kiln / it's availability already in your region / holiday day offs for custom carriers / Region shipped to) + Cost of Shipping . Message us for details.

Own&Adore provides you the privilege of the LEAST Shipping costs be it for Bulk or single item Orders.

Global Shipping can be COSTLY but we can make it better : A Custom order can be listed for you if you order 5 balls or more; just message us through the messenger button or send us an email enable to arrange a custom order with the threshold of the least shipping costs, starting from $25 - $35 for Bulk orders of 5 - 15 balls. 

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