Dracula Bites

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Dracula Bites _ Crimson Periwinkle Stained Crystal Goblets

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- Luxurious High quality French molded Cut Lead Crystal Glass

- Ancient Glass Staining Art Method, from back in the 7th Centuries practiced heavily in the Levant area , known as Luster Painting

- Permanent Dishwasher Scratch resistant Safe Stains

- Keeps drinks cool for Longer periods of time due to the Frosted Glazed outer surface of the Crystal.

- This Mystic stemware :

- Stands 6.75 inches Tall * and spreads 2.75 inches in Diameter

- Weighs 7 ounces 

- and has 6 oz liquid capacity

"But they don't know the Truth, my heart's crippled by the Vein that I keep on Closing ... You cut me Open ...." 

On their wedding day, the Frosted Crystal glass was glowing in the evening light like swans playing in the lagoon of Fantasia Luster.

The permanent Frosted Stain interacts with the Crystal, causing mesmerizing Light reflections which are quite breathtaking.

After use, they are best displayed onto glass shelves, dispersing rays of color into your space, with light underneath or the sunbeam hitting their velvety surface.

These Photos have been taken for the Crystal glass in several fields of light. 

NC.  This is the Original Retro Style French 21% Lead Crystal. Meaning it has trace amounts of Lead that can seep into the glass IF you leave ACIDIC drinks in the glass for more than 6 Hours.

If certain pieces are intended as gifts, please leave us a note at check out… we can include the message you want on a gift card and wrap it neatly.

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