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Pink Red Magenta Lead Crystal RETRO STYLE Goblets ~ Love Streams

  • 2-3 Days Priority Mail Shipping within the USA
  • French Cut Lead Crystal 21% 
  • Safest Lead Crystal composition ( Retrograde Glass ware )
  • Permanent Staining by Hand in Palestine using an Ancient Staining method from back in the 7th Century in the Levant area, known as Luster Painting
  • Safe for Drinking; permanent Glass Staining is a slight barrier from Lead in Crystal
    • ( Yet do not drink highly acidic drinks from it that has been left inside it for longer than 6 hours, enable to prevent the slightest Lead leaking into the fluid. An ordinary diet contains about 70 micro-grams of lead per day ).
    • Before First Use, You can also Fill the glass with water and stir in a teaspoon of vinegar, let it soak for an hour. This helps get rid of the Lead that is in direct contact with your drink. 
  • 2 sizes available
  • Dishwasher Safe on Light Cycles to maintain Color Vibrance and Golden Shimmer
  • Scratch resistant
  • Maintains Drink's coolness for a longer period of time due to its Frosted surface

The permanent Frosted Stain interacts with the Crystal, causing mesmerizing Light reflections which are quite breathtaking.

After use, they are best displayed onto glass shelves, dispersing rays of color into your space, with light underneath or the sunbeam hitting their velvety surface.

These Photos have been taken for the Crystal glass in several fields of light. 



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