Set of 6 Love Fever Pink Goblets Wedding Crystal Glass

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Love Fever Goblets

  • 5oz
  • 7 " Tall x 2 " Wide


The Luster Stain is non-toxic for safe sipping! It's placed in the Kiln to infuse into the glass.

Luxurious High quality French molded Etched Crystal Glass >>> We Hand Stained the Crystal with Luster Pigmentation, Frosted and Inserted the Crystal in the Kiln to produce the Durable Scratch resistant Stemware;

That which Retains the coolness of your drink for a longer period of time, and awaits to set rainbows in your lively events and special moments.

Love Fever Goblets

On their wedding day, the Frosted Crystal glass was glowing in the evening light like swans playing in the lagoon of Fantasia Luster.


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