Set of 6 ; Small Coffee Mugs for Turkish Arabic Coffee & Larger Tea Mugs

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 We value our heavy Arabic Coffee; hence savoring these small mugs to enjoy it in healthy doses along with the slightly bigger ones. And we can customize coffee mugs for You as long as you drink Arabic and Turkish Coffees !  

Of course this customization is not exclusive to that :-D  Just kidding around to express my love for Arabic coffee ( with mild sweetening).

Having  three size Mugs : Large Mugs, Medium Mugs and the Tiny Mugs just fit for that Heavy Arabic Turkish Coffee I make in most of my mornings.

How do you drink yours? Seriously, I am awaiting a reply in the messages about Your coffee.... We can Customize your mug for you as follows :  "Heavy Until I Coffee" etc... well you get the story... not kidding here I'm serious, message us on how you'd like your mug to look and what theme, and we will customize just that for your pleasing.

As for these colorful Happy Floral Mugs, they are as follows :

- Hand made in Palestine;  in a small art Studio in Hebron City

- A set of 6 Earthenware Ceramic mugs ; Three Medium and Three Small mugs, you can choose otherwise in the options window.

- Large Mug being at : 3 inch wide and stands 4 inches with 8 oz capacity

- Medium Mug being at : 2.75 inch wide and stands 3.2 inches with 8 oz capacity

- Small Mug being at :  2.5 inch wide standing short & proud at 2.75 inch with 5 oz capacity

 Message us for Large mugs also as a custom order; at same price but different shipping rates as custom orders are shipped directly from Palestine.


749110214432. { Our online Bar code for these beauties}

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