The Groom Pitcher colored Vase - Frosted Red Blue Grey Palestinian Blown Glass

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The Groom Pitcher / Vase

Do you know how hard it is to blow and sculpture glass?

The Groom deserves it now doesn't He?

The Blown Glass and all the finesse of breath and motion it takes, is at a price that fits your budget for now...

The perfect gift for your "To Be"; your Fiance; Son; Daughter; Friend; Relative; a wedding gift... it just fits any Romantic occasion you can imagine. Can be used as pitcher or as a vase either way functions great.



Let The Groom giggle your imagination as you own it for yourself or a dear one.

There are only 2 pieces Left of The Groom this Season; If you wish to order " The Groom " after the listed quantity is over, just message us with your request and be acknowledged that it might take 1-2 months for your order to be made and shipped from Palestine to the US.

Palestinian Art of Blown Glass; where we Blow, Paint and Insert the item into a Kiln for a permanent finish.

Best washed by hand or light dish washer cycle.

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