A Glimpse into Color Staining Crystal Glass in Ancient Hebron

A Glimpse into Color Staining Crystal Glass in Ancient Hebron

Ancient Hebron City

{ Abrahem Alkhaleel / Alkhalil city } Glass Art 

also known by 

Nouveau Glass Art & Reauven Glass Art ... To birth a breath taking

Palestinian Jewish Stained,

French, German and Italian

manufactured Crystal Glass Stemware 

Nuevo Art Stained Glass


Highly innovative use of materials in usable art pieces.

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Luster Staining on Crystal Glass, Brings Out A Special Interaction with Light that makes you Gaze in Awe towards the Beauty & Grace this Crystal Reflects onto Your overall Interior Space Designs. 


Lab tested and certified 21% Lead Crystal as Safe to Use ; Coated with innovative protective silica coating film that infuses to the crystal via heat. Silica film is heat infused to the surface of the inner layer of the cup of the crystal stemware, becomes a barrier from lead seeping into the drink. Even after high acidity drinks sit in the cup for longer than 6 hours, still lab results show  as safe.

Bernal Lab & MBAS.

  Derived from the Luster Painting method - With a brush or a pin or both , Staining on Glass using metallic based paints , which are infused to the glass via High temperatures, hence fixating the colors permanently on the atomic level to the glass from its outer layers.

This Art was known ever since the Byzantines were, and could be prior to those Romans.

It was innovated upon, and practiced heavily in the 7th to the 9th centuries by the Elite Muslims of that time, when the whole region was united and known as the Levantine, Middle East.

The Luster Painting Stains on Glass were revived back to life, only in the previous recent fleeing few decades.

A Jewish merchant, utilized the generational creativity of the Palestinians. 

He would import the Crystal stemware and glass cups, and hire the Palestinian artisans to manifest their inherited skills onto the glass. .

The reason behind choosing Crystal Glass :

  • Is due to the strong Sheen in Crystal unlike any other, its reaction to Light, hence Coloring this Crystal would  make it Glow with Bright Shimmering Velvety Highlights.

  • And for its durability no doubt.

  • The Crystal is first Etched inside and out, via Sand Blasting to give it its natural non fading Frost appearance. Which also retains the coolness of the drink for longer periods of time.


    Luster Painting is a Sheen Shimmering metallic based, glass color staining method, by means of paint brushing the metallic acid on the outer surface layer of the Crystal glass.


    Then, which the painted Stain is permanently infused to the outer layer of the glass by means of kiln heat.

    Stained Glass was the most popular Elite adornment in the Levantine; among the Egyptians, Palestinians and Syrians back from the 7th-9th centuries.


If glass can talk ...

In a beautiful peaceful cooperation between Palestinian artisans & supporting Jewish Artisans. Back in the 1990s to 2000, Palestinian Artists from the occupied territories in the West Bank and Gaza were given permits to enter Israel and stain these French, German and Italian vintage Crystal Stemware and Tumblers.

You can say, it was a beautiful collaboration between the Israelis and the Palestinians...

Each set of 6 in its original foam box unused till this day, is one of the last few pieces remaining from the time of the SECOND INTIFADA in Palestine ... And Yes ! They've been here in the US untouched all these years ..


How they got to the US:

By the time of the 2nd Intifada in the early 2000s ; Tourism in the Holyland took a major hit.

And so, back in 2003 and in efforts to keep the Artist's jobs and studio up and running, a brotherly supportive collaboration between two Palestinians took place enable to import these Rare Crystal Stemware to the USA .

 One of them was the artist back in Palestine and the other is an American Palestinian businessman here in the US...

This businessman was unable to sell them where needed, as he was a tobacco and thrifts savvy yet inexperienced with online marketing.

And for him, attending a lot of fairs and shows at that time proved to be difficult  due to the conflict of Identity of who is selling these Crystals for whom, the Jews or the Muslims in the US....

Well, time passed by  ... these truly rare beauties remained hidden in the dark on high shelves ...

Yet Free spirits like you and me, do not acknowledge limited belief ....

It was time by the Grace of God, that this wonderful man granted me the opportunity to showcase them to the world as properly as should, online and in conventions ever since the end of 2015 and on.

Through ETSY at our Mystic Land Painted Shop, and through our own website at Own&Adore , it has been truly an honor to support our Artisans, the Palestinians from the West Bank in Ancient Hebron City { Alkahlil / Alkahleel  }, as well as support the American workforce in the USA.

Mostly, all our products at Own&Adore are Vintage from the time of the 2nd Intifada ...New yet Retro.


 More Resourceful Information for Luster Painting at :

* Metropolitan Museum of Art [ found online ]

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