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As we proudly present the final pieces of their kind in the 21st century - a true fusion of three cultures: Central Europe, the Muslims and Jews of the Holy Land. This extraordinary journey begins in the captivating city of Jericho, nestled beside the tranquil Dead Sea, under the visionary company known as MindSprings.

Behold the luster-stained vintage original lead 21 Crystal stemware, lovingly referred to as "Temptation Hebron Blown Glass," as inscribed on a small vintage card. These exquisite pieces were imported by the talented Israeli Jewish merchant artist, Shror Dor, who recognized the inherent beauty in harmonizing diverse cultures.

A select group of Palestinian Muslim artisans, renowned for their exceptional skills, meticulously luster-stained each crystal stemware. With their deft hands, they infused vibrant colors and intricate patterns into these delicate diamond-cut cups on their stems. The result is a symphony of beauty and craftsmanship that resonates with every toast and fills the air with joyous melodies, surpassing even the enchanting sound of bells.

In 2003, during a period of political clashes that brought tourism in the Holy Land to a standstill, a Palestinian artisan courageously imported these gems to the USA. Like hidden treasures, they remained untouched and unused, carefully stored in foam boxes within a forgotten storage facility in a thrift store. Perhaps it is now their time to once again grace the world with their presence, to remind us all of the beauty that exists beyond conflict and division.

These precious crystal stemware, with their limited quantity, hold the power to disperse around the world, carrying a reminder of a better existence, a time when collaboration, beauty, and peace were cherished. As they find their way into the hands of individuals who appreciate their significance, they become ambassadors of unity and hope.

Join us in celebrating these extraordinary pieces that have emerged from the depths of time and storage, now ready to shine in the modern online world. Let us toast to a future where the beauty of diversity prevails, spreading joy and reminding us that together, we can create a world of harmony and peace.

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