Leather Sandals & Slippers Made in Ibrahim AlKhalil city { Hebron }


 The Styles you'll find here, from the exquisite color variety Women's Sandals & Flip Flops, to the cute Single toe loop sandals, to the sexy pecan brown strappy flower slippers, to the big toe wrap sandals. This collection has what all genders are searching for; their unique fit. 

 Sandals are essential anywhere you decide to trail, yet you know you'll need the Sandals that will fit you, comfort your feet, cushion your steps, look good and last your spirit of action.  


Hypoallergenic Sandals are made of original cow leather that will not release any odors or cause any allergic reactions to your skin.

  Established in the Holy Lands by Palestinian Artisans, where the creative collaboration took place in the ancient city Hebron ~AlKhalil

Historically, Hebron city was anciently an hence to this day known as The experienced in Handmade pure genuine leather, as well as processing the leather to a practical healthy relaxing mold for Your Feet .

Obviously, in the past, the Palestinian artisans used leather on Wood Sandals, and as time went by, they used it on the Hard rubber in a very professional manner and in many different styles. Then eventually, they used Genuine Cow leather on the Sole Leather.

And finally, the Palestinian Craftsmen stepped up their game further and used (PU) Outer soles ( as You'll see the Brand's Original Retro Machinery Stamp on its leather cushioning ), which resembles its ability to be extremely pliable and will stretch kind of like a spandex material. The Uppers being 100% Genuine Hand Dyed Cow & or Sheep Leather.

 Waterproof , easily cleaned and maintained ; each Sandal was sewed by the supervision and Hand Motion of a Palestinian Craftsman.

 Palestinian artist's profession is jeopardized  & being seriously effected by the Occupation's exploitative acts upon the Palestinian industry and product Imports exports from and to Palestine ..

Be that Pal & Buy Palestinian

Comfy and Stylish is part of Own&Adore's mission, and are the best strappy leather sandals we recommend for your excited feet...

Enjoy & Support ! Stay Updated about the Beautiful Palestinian Crafts & about The Agricultural Project. Welcome Aboard !
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