Nouveau Rueven AlKhalil Glass Art

Fancy Durable Crystal Stemware 

Blown Glass, Cast Drinking Glass Cups & Decorations. 

Ancient art methods of Staining Glass.

   A Rainbow Collection of High Quality, RARE Luster Painting in Nouveau Rueven Crystal Glass Art styles.
A safe Permanently Stained outer layer on Some of the One of a kind Sand Blasted Cut French, German and Italian

Hard to break Colorful Lead Free Crystal Stemware .

Stained In the Ancient City of Glass Making ... Hebron, Holy Lands

 You can Read more about the History of, and How these Genuine Lead Free Crystal Drinking Glasses were stained.
....Let us embrace you into MysticLand !

Lab tested and certified 21% Lead Crystal as Safe to Use ; Coated with innovative protective silica coating film that infuses to the crystal via heat. Silica film is heat infused to the surface of the inner layer of the cup of the crystal stemware, becomes a barrier from lead seeping into the drink. Even after high acidity drinks sit in the cup for longer than 6 hours, still lab results show  as safe. Bernal Lab & MBAS.

Hebron Glass Vintage Rueven Nouveau Art Color Variety and shapes Glass Sheen on French Crystal Stemware set of 6 Cabinet Display 

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