Jerusalem City Microwave safe handmade Mugs

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Ancient Jerusalem City handmade ceramic mugs | Unique colorful Christmas and Eid Gifts & Deco | Mom Dad Family gift | Palestinian crafts

The au fond meaningful Earthenware Glazed Ceramic Mug you’d gift your grandmother, grandfather or any family and friend .

Hand Made in Hebron, in Holy land by Palestinian artisans in a small cave like art shop.
Drink safe
Oven safe
Microwave safe
Dishwasher safe

Having three size Mugs : Large Mugs, Medium Mugs and the Tiny Mugs just fit for that Heavy Arabic Turkish Coffee I make in most of my mornings.

As for these Mystic Floral Mugs, they are as follows :
Hand made in Palestine; in a small art Studio in Hebron City
Sets of Earthenware Ceramic mugs ; Three Medium and Three Small mugs, you can choose otherwise in the options window.
Large Mug being at : 3 inch wide and stands 4 inches with 8 oz capacity
Medium Mug being at : 2.75 inch wide and stands 3.2 inches with 8 oz capacity
Small Mug being at : 2.5 inch wide standing short & proud at 2.75 inch with 5 oz capacity
14 - 21 days to Ship

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