Palestinian Online Luxury Ceramic Ware, Crystal Glass, Hand Blown Glass & Hand made Sandals

  As You Decorate your Home and Space; the Famous Palestinian Ceramic pottery and Blown glassware crafts will add a unique touch to your surrounding. Be it a Romantic dinner or a special Birthday or House warming Idea for your Dear and Near, our usable art will be the right choice. Use and Enjoy!

You might Check in for a Ceramic wall decal, and find yourself checking out with that beautiful wall decal Ceramic plate you've been eyeing along with it that Crystal Stemware set that takes you by surprise, that which you can't imagine but sipping from with your beloved on a fancy dinner night. And well you can't help but order what you can afford, and so some Indian Incense along with it too! 

 We are basically the Source for all and everything Vintage and or Palestinian HANDMADE for the Home, Decor and Apparel ; From Ceramic and Glass Drinkware to Figurines and vintage Gift cards.

They come with Discount codes, gift cards and free shipments on offer.

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 Being raised up in a multi-cultural blending environment, the chance we got enable to checkout the variety of Arts and how it has the potential to merge into a new master piece is a special chance indeed; and so joining between French Crystal Glass and Palestinian Painting and Sculpturing Art, was my New worthwhile venture into the symphony of Unique art.

More than 400 years of experience among our family in Blown Glass, Painted Glass, Sculptured Ceramic and Painted Ceramic, the Artisan professionals in our family line had been and still are producing this very unique ancient art.

 Our items have been the center of Tourism for ages back there in the ancient holy city Hebron in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in the Middle East.

In the past 20 years, Hebron's ancient down town City which is a popular tourist hub, had been negatively effected by the Israeli Occupation; gradually & completely CAGED- in; as it is surrounded by Zionist Settlers that spread Fear and Restriction in the locals day to day lives,  Restricting TOURISM as well.... Shop Owners and Artists of all the antiques and hand made ceramics, were forced to close their shops and some were lucky enough to survive this dramatic shift....

Yet MysticLand Painted has stood in the face of oppression ; Excellence in what we do is our Armor.

Delight in being supportive !



Our Glassware & Ceramic History

We are the 10th Generation in the Field of Ceramic and Glassware.

Item Production:

Yes, an energetic Bundle of Arts in one Art studio; as we strive to produce the best forms and sculptures in two major Categories:

1- Ceramic ware and Ceramic Home decorations, Party & Office Decorations

2- Hand Blown Glass and Painted French Crystal Stemware.


As for the Ceramic, its source is the Earthenware particles found in the Geographical regions of the Palestinian Mountains and valleys, being processed on low heat.

The Palestinian Hand Blown glass, consisting of Vases, carafes, pitchers, olive oil bottles, Glass Balls, cups, chalices, bells, and the list goes on. 

I couldn't wait to get to this paragraph!

The Crystal Stemware Glasses....

We receive the Etched Crystal glasses from France, then we prepare the kiln, sand blast and color the Crystal, insert it into the the kiln to fuse simultaneously, thus becoming permanently part of the Crystal's atomic structure.

Stained (Luster Pigmented) glassware was produced in Egypt and Syria from the 7th through the 9th century. It was painted with pigments containing silver and/or copper and fired in a kiln at a low temperature.

Treated Glass pigment is "absorbed" beneath the surface through a chemical reaction and permanently colored—or stained—the glass, becoming part of its atomic structure.

Besides its beautiful elegant appearance:

*Frosted / SANDBLASTED Crystal keeps Drinks at a Cool temperature for a longer period of time;

"Ground glass is widely used as a weather- and heat-proof light diffuser"- Wikipedia


So, Are you ready for a Mystical taste to your Senses?!

YOU can choose from a  VARIETY of  hand painted Bar and Dinning ware, be it CRYSTAL and/ or GLASS or Ceramic.

- Mystic Holylands presents the Sand Blasted CRYSTAL Ware 21;

Cocktails, Goblets, Pilsners, Weizers and Snifters.

- And the Sand Blasted GLASS;

Tulips, and Pints.

Molded in France, and Hand-Painted in the Ancient city- Hebron, in the Holy lands, known today as Palestine/ Israel.

Brand NEW, its arrives at your door steps in boxes cushioned with care.

These Frosted CRYSTAL and GLASS drink-ware, interact with the different Light Spectrum of the surroundings, and thus reflecting a variable degree of light along the day, as if illuminating from within them, to spread a sense of beauty and comfort to the eye of the beholder.

Their Decorative designs carry you through Spirit to new levels of Consciousness and Conscience. The practical Drinking ware they are, these works of Art will be the getaway you need to revive your imagination of another era, and grasp that foreplay feeling of sorts.

This Barware Drinkware Collection, makes for a Celebration Convivial in a ritual gathering of sorts. Their Hand Painted Warm Autumn colors, are permanent and dishwasher friendly. The color is naturally infused into the outside layer of the Crystal and Glass; it will not dissolve unless the item is soaked in strong melting acids for a long time.

We are giving discounts for potential customers enable to give ourselves the chance to make YOU realize the true value for these items. (Notice that this is 21 Crystal; it is Etched, Does NOT break Easily, and can be used for a Music Instrument).

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Shipping Crystal and Glassware is OUR PROFESSION; we thrive on Class and Attentive Delicacy.

Looking forward to making YOU our prolonged customer to the finest Dinning Ware and Arts.

Mystic Land  CEO ,

Bashair Jabari


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