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With Love, Palestine.
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The Mission

Mystic Land Painted Creations 

Mystic Land
Painted Creations at Own&Adore, is an online e-commerce shop that operates from Rochelle Illinois in the US and sells its products worldwide.

 Besides serving our beloved Country of the Free by shipping products all over through USPS directly from the USA and paying Taxes, Own&Adore Aspires  to Inspire Oppressed Nations by Establishing the Means for Eco Green Self Sustaining Agricultural Practices in their Geographical regions through Selling their Unique Arts & crafts. In other words, making natural resources available for abundant Food Growing and Healthy Humane Environmental Living for the Children and for the Environment's Sake alike.

Kid Skating

Photograph taken back in Spring 2010 from a 3rd floor residential apartment. The buckets on the left side in this image are buckets of collected Hand-Washed Dish Water , they were used to irrigate the Balcony in a Semi Arid Region in order to enjoy a green refreshing space even if it was tiny.
Not all regions enjoy the luxury of green spaces and its super positive effect on the inner psyche.



Same Balcony but with a Low Maintenance Grey Water Recycling System on the far left, hooked right from the Kitchen sink ... Picture taken on June 2018

And so in the short term, to the long run, With Your Purchase from Own&Adore ,You will be giving the Support needed for Providing Ongoing Abundant Food & Water to people who need the tools & training to Produce it the most.
You Buy their Crafts and Arts, and we Provide them 
Low-Maintenance Low-cost, Approved Grey Water Recycling Systems suitable for Horizontal and Vertical Farming on Small or Larger owned lands, small or large Flat Roof tops and even small or large Balconies attached to Residential Story Buildings.. Accompanied with Coaching and Follow ups on How to Grow and Manage their Greens in their Space by professional Agricultural Engineers.

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  Hi, hope this finds You well.
I'm Bashair Jabari, CEO & Owner of the Etsy Shop
Mystic Land Painted Creations

 Starting from there, and being the Ecommerce Merchant & Scientist, working diligently on the journey of connecting Research, Beauty & Practicality in one unique online shop; I founded the Own&Adore brand, the broader professional Independent website which allows me to showcase all that we have to offer, and to convey much more to the world, on what we can achieve together.

Producing Grey Water Recycling Units

This Water Recycling Practice is familiar among a few of the Higher class societies within Arid to Semi Arid regions around the world as it is mostly practiced in Australia, and has certain regulations to assure a healthy outcome, but not so is the case among the lesser fortunate.

Through Us Selling & You Buying this Nation's Truly Unique
Stained Glass Stemware Art,
we together enable to Jump Start Producing
the Low Cost Low Maintenance Grey Water Recycling Systems suited for each need accordingly, which will help very much in Providing an Abundance of Safe ongoing Free Water Supply for Agricultural purposes for those most afflicted in those Arid regions.

  Logo of the Eye Represents~

 YOUR & MY EYE on the Future

  A Foresight onto the Future Generations of Humanity, and What Precautions to take now to prevent the Spread of Famine. Enable to Strengthen Humane Interactions and preserve Peace of Mind onto Us and onto the People living in severe Crowdedness & Pollution, that which adheres to any Population's Exponential Growth, particularly in Regions well known as Distressed places... Especially among those less fortunate Nations living in Apartheid.

Let's not keep on Giving the same people the Wood they need. Rather grant them an ax, seeds and water, and watch Ourselves Evolve....

What happens to a needy person's weakest Loved ones, happens to Yours but in a Karmic elusive way ... If you turn the other way after Source has chosen You to Read the Message & Convey.


Who to Start With 

Pfor Palestine.

Palestine was actually just part of the Levant before mandatory tore the region apart.
Now, Palestine is an Occupied Distressed territory that is decreasing in land and natural resources day after day; as lots of its still empty lands had and have been confiscated and taken away permanently & by force from its owners, and many cities and villages have been Caged behind an actual Large Apartheid Wall that traps the whole nation in what seems like a big barn yard ... I know it's crazy and it happened, happens and probably will happen to other nations... But the heart of the matter is, What will We do together now to make things better in a Peaceful manner for everyone?
Before it's too late.

Showcase in modern Palestinian life

The people of this caged place, that had come to be known as Palestine, and the Palestinians, are actually a diverse
accretion of a Highly Selective and Selected Combination of many Royal lines relating back to the Ancient and up to the reminiscent of the Medieval's Savviest classifications of that Era; the Strongest and most Enduring of Knights, Kings, Queens and even Kingdoms from the pole of nations were Gravitated into Palestine.   
( Genetic Cocktails)


Gravitated together due to their Spiritual Cause of the journey carried on from ever since history was known to mankind !
All generating from and or racing to the
Holy Lands ... from centuries and centuries past.

And so, that Past, had Combined many Creative Artists and Craftsmen in a Spectacular array of Fields from around the world, and Joined them in what was known ever since the Greek times, as Palestine. 

Resembling in the Present Now, a Unique Union of Magnificent Originality, all in a single super Diverse Region.

Ancient Unique Arts are literally Palestine's thing ; Blown Glass, Stained Glass, Pottery & Ceramic, Real leather Sandals, Shoes & Bags etc.

Let's Enjoy this Art while helping this Truly One of a Kind Nation to
live in Peace.
For the sake of Security & Well Being for Future Caged Children.

The Children of the World.

Stained Crystal Stemware  and its magnificent beauty

Image Source from THEMET 

"Works of Art" Selection
Referral :
An Essay from the Metropolitan Museum of Art THEMET

Essay's Title ~ Stained (Luster-Painted) Glass from Islamic Lands

Its History
  Stained Glass Art was ever since the Romans were.... Maybe beyond that who knows.

 And as you might not have yet known, the Byzantium Era was the time where Glass Art flourished and spread along the Eras that followed it.

 From there, it had evolved innovationally in the Islamic Eras, and specifically from the 7th to the 9th Centuries, was when the mechanism started combining Extreme Heat with Coloring, and had innovated to include Luster Stains that permanently bonded to the glass on the atomic level, while producing a lasting velvety shimmering shine to its surface.

Only a Couple Sets of Each is Left in Stock 

Serving You 25% Off Your First Purchase.
Enter this Code at Checkout :
With Love, Palestine.
( valid for the Ceramic, Glass & Leather Collections )

This Online Shop business is not solely set for personal gains and aims;

Going into its 4th year as an online Shop, 70% of Own&Adore's Humble ROI
( Return On Investment) has been dedicated to growing the business and promoting its Humanitarian Message, while 20% of it was spent to expand on building the Grey Water Recycling Units and Research for the sake of the Humanitarian Causes that which this business was established for in the first place. Own&Adore is looking up to its devoted customers in getting much more sales at a  quicker pace and hence to be able to utilize 50% of the ROI on the Self Sustainability Project for the near future abundance of any Oppressed region where ever it may be on this Earth.

Thanks to the People.
Enjoy ! 

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Enjoy & Support ! Stay Updated about the Beautiful Palestinian Crafts & about The Agricultural Project. Welcome Aboard !
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