Love Fever Cocktail Glass

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Original French Crystal 21 Stemware , Stained by Palestinian Artisans 

These Frosted Crystal cocktails are to be held in your hands only when you're too Hot in Love to handle the Ice .... they have those cumin purplish red splatters just to intensify the heat ingrained in coolness.

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Set of 2 Stems ( Last Two )

The 10 oz Crystal Cocktail holds in 6 Oz Drink capacity

Stands 8" Tall and Spreads 2.75" inches Wide

Dishwasher safe and scratch resistant

Safe to Drink from ; color kiln fixed on the atomic level

This colored Crystal reacts to the different shades of light spectra, reflecting a different color accordingly; first 2 images were taken in florescent light while the 3rd and 4th image were taken in the sunlight.

The permanent Frosted Stain interacts with the Crystal, causing mesmerizing Light reflections which are quite breath taking when set in an adequate Light Source. .

After use, they are best displayed onto glass shelves, dispersing rays of color into your space, with light underneath or the sunbeam hitting their velvety surface.

 You can Read more about the History of, and How we Stained these Genuine Crystal Glasses here at our Blog.

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