5 Loaves & 2 Fish Miracle

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Bread Loaves & Fish of Jesus

Multi-use Earthenware strong yet Light ceramic bowls, suitable for cooking & serving with as well as Decorating your multitude of optional spaces fit for it.. 


Handmade Hand-painted Glazed Ceramic Salad bowl made in Palestine. Your Salad, Bread and Delicious Stew are calling for it.

 This bowl represents the Miracles of Jesus in the scene of the multiplication of the Fish and Loaves at Tabgha. 

" loaves and fishes. ... In the best known, Jesus was preaching to a crowd of thousands who grew hungry and needed to be fed, but only five loaves and two fishes could be found. He blessed the food and then commanded his disciples to distribute it among the people ... "

Vivid multi colors and white background, high quality heavy ceramic.

Each piece is painted by hand using a traditional design unique to Palestinian artisans, Glazed on low fire and Set for the right buyer.

You will appreciate the weight of this thick Earthenware , dishwasher-safe high quality bowl.

We offer size 9" in Diameter & 2" in Depth (30 oz capacity)


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