Daily Iftar & Suhoor Ramadan Time Tracker

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AlAqsa & Dome of the Rock 

Daily Iftar & Suhoor Ramadan Time Tracker

Get the children engaged and spiritually educated with this simple beautiful time tracker for the holy month of Ramadan.

Made in Alkahlil, Palestine.

Ships all over the world in 8-14 days


  • Sticks to the Fridge with safe flat magnets in the back.
  • Marker and erraser.
  • Made of recycled compressed wood made to look like an actual wood panel.


Click the following GoFundMe link if you'd like to support Blown Glass artisans and training them for more jobs in the West Bank of Palestine.

Enjoy & Support ! Stay Updated about the Beautiful Palestinian Crafts & about The Agricultural Project. Welcome Aboard !
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