Decorative Eid Serving Bowl

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This Serving plate is truly Unique ; made in the Holy Land using the ceramic that is extracted from the unique materials of the mountains in that area, one of the best.

  • Hand Crafted By Palestinian Artisans in ancient Hebron city.
  • This Large Earthenware Ceramic Platter is 15 inches in Diameter & 7 inches in height
  • Glazed on low fire and strengthens even more after several uses on low heat in the oven or microwave...reaching a point where you can cook with it on high temperatures inside the oven.
  • Avoid Rapid Change between very cold to extreme hot conditions, such as placing it in the Refrigerator and then directly put in a 400 degree oven. It is advised that you leave it out of fridge in room temperature at least an hour before inserting it in an oven to heat a stew for example, or else it might crack.
  • Suitable for serving Fruits, Sweets & Hot Stews. 
  • Decorative & Beautiful
  • This item is MADE TO ORDER ; Requiring 14 - 30 days to be at your door step. Shipped directly from Palestine.
  • Your Purchases will participate in the Agricultural Project 1

Enjoy & Support ! Stay Updated about the Beautiful Palestinian Crafts & about The Agricultural Project. Welcome Aboard !
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