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Mystic Land Painted Creations ~  Cocktail Glass cups 

Transparent colors combining a Silver Shimmering Coupe & a Creamy Fluorescent Body with a milky white Stem... an inspiration from the glory of the Northern Lights  .. Mesmerizing Elegance 

        • Original German Crystal Stemware Glass at 21%

        • 10 ounces  Liquid Capacity 

        • Stands 8.25" long and Spreads 3.50" in Diameter 

        • Safe Permanent Kiln Infused Luster Coating ( Staining )

        • Dishwasher Safe, preferably Hand washed to maintain vibrancy

        • Scratch-resistant and Durable

        • 3-5 Days Priority Mail Shipping within the USA

        • 7-14 days International USPS shipping outside the US

 The message is clear from its title as they say; I'm leaving the Aurora Trinkle's cocktails to speak for your own imagination.

Value someone or space with this gift, be it your wife, husband, girlfriend, daughter, bridesmaids...Your Interior home or office design.

 When placed in Light, the permanent Frosted Stain interacts with the Crystal, causing mesmerizing Light reflections which are quite breathtaking, depending on the location of the Crystal to the Type of Light.

So after use, they are best displayed onto glass shelves, dispersing rays of color into your space, with light underneath or the sunbeam hitting their velvety surface to become your Dazzling Sun Catchers.

This Glass is Permanently coated down to the Atomic-level with the Luster Paint- Staining Method

You can Read more about how we Stained these Lemon Grass Genuine Lead Free Crystal Glasses here at our Blog.

Color Code:
Lemon Grass #B3B6A9

Lab tested and certified 21% Lead Crystal as Safe to Use ; Coated with innovative protective silica coating film that infuses to the crystal via heat. Silica film is heat infused to the surface of the inner layer of the cup of the crystal stemware, becomes a barrier from lead seeping into the drink. Even after high acidity drinks sit in the cup for longer than 6 hours, still lab results show  as safe. Bernal Lab & MBAS.


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