Trickling Love

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Trickling Love Glass Tulips Set

This colorful Glass reflects the Light leaving you enchanted, optimistic and artful.

MysticLand presents the Sand Blasted GLASS TULIPS / not Crystal

  • 3-5 Days Priority Mail Shipping within the USA
  • Set of 6 Tulip glasses

  • The Non-Crystal glass is a Vintage cast, molded in Italy (Keller) and Painted in Palestine
  • The displayed items of Tulips stand 6.25" Tall and 2.25" in Diameter
  • Weighs 5 ounces and hold 6 ounces of liquid.
  • Dishwasher Safe at any level, Scratch resistant and Durable
  • Hand Stained Permanent Luster colors
  • It's Sand Blasted Surface functions to keep drinks cooler for a longer time.


Enjoy & Support ! Stay Updated about the Beautiful Palestinian Crafts & about The Agricultural Project. Welcome Aboard !
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