Hanging Blown Glass Orbs ~ INSIDE OUT Memory Balls

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Hanging Decorative Orbs from ancient generational techniques of blown glass.

 ~ Ibrahim AlKhalil ancient Hebron Glass

An exqisite Fairytale sensation assortment of colorful see through Ornaments for your living room, patio, entrance and office and so much more.

The name Inspired from the Animation film "Inside Out" ... INSIDE OUT Memory Balls 

MysticLand Hand Blown Glass Balls; Transparent Blue and 6 other varieties of Beautiful Colors , the Decorative Hanging Glass Ball will infuse a beautiful visual sense to your Living room hanging from the ceiling... above you wherever you are as you lie in relaxation mode, while the breeze rotates the ball, it reflects colorful Light rays onto your walls when sunlight hits its surface.

Durable to be hanged outside.

*Ships directly from Palestine or the USA  depending on availability
*Quick Tracked International shipping through EMS ( 7 - 14 days shipping ) and or through USP from USA at ( 4 - 6 days shipping )

Let it...Let it swing freely to roam in winds path.

MysticLand Inside Out Blown Glass Ball .... a Taste from an Ancient Glass Art produced in the ancient Hebron city,  Palestine.

Diameter Size  From a range of :

2 inches; the size slightly larger than a Table Tennis ball

4 inches the size of a Youth Softball 

6 inches, the size slightly smaller than a Football

Please MESSAGE us to see if we have available inventory in USA to ship quickly.
( Your order could be shipped worldwide directly from the Holy Lands, with Producing Time  ranging from 2 days to 2 weeks depending on color of glass in Kiln / holiday day offs for custom carriers / Region shipped to. The earlier you order the better.)

Own&Adore provides you the privilege of the LEAST Shipping costs be it for Bulk or single item Orders.

Order 5 -10 GLASS BALLS at any size and get 30% discount rate on International shipping . Order more than 10 Glass balls no matter the size or cost and get super low shipping rates.( you can test this as you add to cart )

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