Hebron Ceramics Navy Blue White Floral Plate Sets

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Flower Hour 

Glazed Wall Dinner and Dessert Plates.

One plate or a Set of 5 plates as described below ; Palestinian Art ; Flower pattern Ceramic Ware; Decorative Handcrafted Navy Blue & White Ceramic plates Set

The floral geometry on each plate is in a pattern that mimics the hour of chill and Zen in sync with nature.

  • 1 Larger plate at 11.8 inches in diameter       ( 27 cm)

  • 4 Medium plates at 8.5 inches in diameter    ( 18 cm  )

  • Handmade Palestinian Earthenware Ceramic

  • Glazed on Low Fire

  • Dish-washable

  • Microwaveable

  • Pierced from the bottom and can be hanged as decorative wall plates after use

  • Limited Quantity

  • Shipping times depend on availability and whether we can make To Order... the early bird wins time.

  • Generally ships in 5 - 14 days

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