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We Include both  MEN + WOMEN Sizes Separate in Drop-Down Choice List.

You would want to consider referring to our included size charts separate for each Men & Women , found in the images. 

Advice :

* Our Sandals have Standard measurements of their own that might differ from your usual US size ;

so it is advised that you measure your foot as described in the images. Measure your Foot length and Width , then compare to US size charts included here in images; Your foot length could be in either the Women or Men's US chart size. Choose whichever US Size is closest to your unique foot length and width.

Best of Designs; made to mimic the Ancient Dynasty findings in the caves and treasures of the Holy Land   

  • Made in the Ancient city of Hebron, Palestine
  • Healthy Relaxing Foot Arch
  • Unisex Sandals; men sandals, women sandals, boys sandals and girls sandals
  • Real Cow Leather Insole and Upper
  • High quality leather insole that molds to your feet providing increased comfort the longer you wear them
  • Lightweight incredibly resilient Elastic Flexible and Durable Rubber Outsole with 2.5 cm thick (0.75") Heel  *Zero Drop , ensuring equal distribution of shock from impact
  • Dual stitching for strength and durability
  • Multiple Slit Leather straps attractively intersected over Midfoot
  • Straps inner lining is fibrous ; preventing Sweat and Heat due to friction
  • Buckle strap attached to a durable Leather strap 


PCU: 743270713866


* Our Sandals have Standard measurements of their own ; so it is advised that you save your money if you are not willing to measure your foot as described in the images. The US Size numbers are in FEMALE format.


We have multiple foot width options for same Lengths, choose the closest to your own unique foot and it will fit you for sure. 

We have two listings according to your measurement preferences ; one in Inches and the other in Centimeters. To access either of the measurements just type "Sandals in Inches" or "Sandals in Centimeters" in the search box above or found in the three bar Menu on your left.

Thank You for shopping with OwnAdore.  

 *Zero Drop – A Heel height that allows for natural running experience in which footfalls are in the mid to forefoot area instead of the unfavorable heel strike.

 To know more about the History of Palestinian Sandals see our Collections page for Palestinian Hand Made Jerusalem Sandal 

 Measuring Foot Length

Measuring the feet at home is done by tracing the feet on paper and measuring the length and width of each foot. In order to get the most accurate figures:

  • Gather paper (A4 legal size is good for most adults), a pencil, and a long ruler or tape measure.
  • Trace feet in the evening, after the feet have swollen to their maximum size.

Tracing the Feet

Follow the steps below to trace the feet:

  • Sit down on a chair and place a sheet of paper on the floor.
  • Place one foot on the paper and allow it to rest naturally.
  • Holding the pencil perfectly vertically and perpendicular to the paper, trace around the perimeter of the foot as closely as possible without angling the pencil in or out. It is not necessary to draw the outline of each toe; the longest toe is of primary concern.
  • Using the ruler, measure the distance from the very bottom of the heel to the top of the longest toe. Subtract 0.20 to 0.25 inches or about 0.50 centimeter to account for the diameter of the pencil. Record the resulting measurement in both inches and centimeters.
  • Measure the distance spanning the ball of the foot at its widest point, from left to right. Again, subtract 0.20 to 0.25 inches or 0.50 centimeter from this figure to account for the width of the pencil, and record the final measurement in both inches and centimeters.
  • Flip the paper over and repeat these steps with the other foot.

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