Toe Loop Strappy Buckle Jesus Sandals

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   * The Symbol ( M ) is for Men and the Symbol ( W ) is for Women in US sizes.

  • Unisex sandals; men sandals, women sandals, boys sandals and girls sandals
  • Thick rubber Out-sole with 2.5 cm thick Heel (0.75")  *Zero Drop
  • Thick genuine leather Insole and Upper
  • Four intersecting thin flat straps with toe loop intersection, all horizontally slanted
  • Straps inner lining is fibrous; preventing Sweat and Heat due to friction
  • Buckle strap attached to a wide Leather strap 

  Designed to mimic the Ancient Dynasty findings in the caves and treasures of the Holy Land

* Kindly READ the INCHES symbolized as an ( " ) for Length and Width respectively, and the Centimeters ( cm ) to keep in check about the actual width of your foot in the case it's thinner or wider than our Standards.  

*Zero Drop – A Heel height that allows for natural running experience in which footfalls are in the mid to forefoot area instead of the unfavorable heel strike.


Spring Season is near and Sandals are essential anywhere you decide to trail, yet you know you'll need the Sandals that will fit you, comfort your feet, look good and last your spirit of action.

Jerusalem Sandal has been founded way back in 1946, and obviously as its name indicates, yes indeed, it was found in the Holy Lands, where the Crafts of collaboration took place between the ancient cities of Jerusalem and Hebron.

The staff is historically experienced with pure genuine leather as well as processing the leather in a practical healthy relaxing mold for human use.

Obviously, in the past, Jerusalem Sandal had used leather on Wood Sandals, and then as time went by, they used it on the Hard rubber in a very professional manner and in many different styles, then eventually Jerusalem Sandal used Genuine leather on the Sole Leather.

And finally, Jerusalem Sandal are using (PU) leather, which resembles genuine leather specifically in its ability to be extremely pliable and will stretch kind of like a spandex material. It has a more shiny appearance and generally is far less thick than real leather. Grooves similar to your fingerprints are mechanically pressed into the material to give it that REAL look. These grooves are far less defined and are hairlike impressions. This material for the most part is Waterproof and easily cleaned or maintained. For persons on a tight budget this material is the way to go. It's about half the cost of real leather products and will still look awesome in your collection. 

Comfy and Stylish is part of Own&Adore's mission, and Jerusalem Sandal is what we recommend for your excited feet.

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