Ramadan Crescent Deco LED Chandelier

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Ramadan Crescent Deco LED Lights inside Blown Glass Orbs Chandelier 

Arrives to your USA address in 10 - 18 days after order is placed.

5 Blown Glass Orbs Ramadan Deco LED Light Chandelier

Glass orbs Colour choices available for customization ; feel free to message us and will create a Custom order.

Chains are Height adjustable according to your ceiling's height  and height preferance of the chandelier.

Variable choices to add in cart are according to Main Glass Orb at the Center ; whther it is 7" or 5" in diameter.

LED Lit Crescent inside 5 inch or 7 inch Blown Glass ball in center 

and smaller 3 - 4 inch Colorful INSIDE OUT Memory Blown Glass Balls Orbs with LED lights inside.

Chihuly Style | Transparent Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Green Decorative Hanging Blown Glass | Romantic Ancient Hebron Glass Art Sphere Gifts

The name is Inspired from the Animation film "Inside Out" ... the memory balls


Hanging from the ceiling, the Decorative Hanging Glass Ball will infuse a beautiful visual sense to your Living room or chosen space...

above you wherever you are as you lie in relaxation mode, while the breeze rotates the ball, it reflects colorful Light rays onto your walls when sunlight hits its surface.

These round transparent warm colored hand blown glasses stand out To illuminate your room as they hang freely to roam in winds path.

Handmade mouth blown glass by means of Rod and extremely high heat source from Brick Kiln ... a traditional generational method from the time of the Greeks in ancient city of prophet Abraham Alkhalil on the path of the Levantine Silk Road in the Holy Land.

Recycled annealed high quality glass.

You can get as many LED infused Blown Glass orbs as you'd like and or the Chandelier as in image at 5 orbs and colors.

Chandelier options :
Main orb in the center at 7inch or at 5 inch
Chandelier Wood base is screwed to the wall or wood panel ; screws included.

The 3 and the 2 inch orbs have LED lights that are NOT Crescents, but dispersed fairyland like glowing lights.


 Click the following GoFundMe link if you'd like to support Blown Glass artisans and training them for more jobs in the West Bank of Palestine.

We have another list of limited supply in our Etsy shop that displays the same balls no led lights inserted but which are already available in the USA in the following LINK :

Etsy List for Ramadan Chandelier 

The larger your order the more likely it would have priority expedited shipping that won’t take longer than 2 weeks.

Sizes Relevancy:

2 inches; the size slightly larger than a Table Tennis ball

5 inches the size of the larger Youth Softball

7 inches, the size slightly smaller than a Soccer ball

( Sizes may vary between these standards; as this is blown by a human. And we choose the closest to your request )

- Recycled Durable Annealed Kiln blown Glass

- Orb ships with 3 feet of line for hanging

SHIPPED in bulk of orders DIRECTLY FROM the Holy Land
via tracked EMS and is dropped at our US facility then shipped to you.


An Order for 16 or more Blown Glass Balls, has a chance to purchase at a LOWER Price than is confirmed here ; SO , Please feel free to Request a Custom Order for quantities ranging from 10 Blown Glass Balls and up at our website Own&Adore ,where you'll also find more options and styles.


Thank You for stopping by, Prayers & Peace, take care : )



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