Caramel Love Tulips

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Caramel Love Tulips

  Best High Quality Drink-ware non crystal glass set ~ Having a frosted body stained with Caramel base, and splashed with steel blue and a Red Magenta Rim. The Coloring Pigment as well as the Frost, are a permanent part of the atomic structure of the glass.

  • 2-3 Days Priority Mail Shipping within the USA
  • High Quality Non-Crystal French Stemware
  • Hand Stained in the Holy Land
  • Dish-washable & Durable
  • Glass Art Pigmentation method from the 7th -9th Centuries in Egypt and Syria
  • Golden Tint reflection in the Sun
  • Reactive with light; changes color according to light spectra.
  • 8 oz liquid capacity
  • 6.75" Tall  x 2.3" Wide 
  • Frosted surface retains any drink in a cooler state for a longer time
  • Safe Permanent outer layer surface stains
  • Price declines as Quantity Increases


Beauty Decor Advise: Place onto glass shelves with neon light underneath, for shimmering glamour.

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