Trivet ; Mug plates & Wall Decor

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 Trivet Ceramic Tiles ; Mug plates & Wall Decor

A ceramic tile pinned onto your plain wall can change your mood and hypnotize you into new realms of refreshed reflections and a zestier taste on life ... You're laughing aren't you ? You naughty one. I'll keep it cause I meant it.

Anyhow !

Mixing that beauty with the gatherings of family and friends  ... Hot pans and warm drinks and chatter is yet another blessing. Including our tiles of course !

Ceramic tiles are made to be heat-resistant. Unlike most kitchen countertop surfaces, ceramic tiles can take the heat from hot pans, pots, and other hot objects. The ceramic tiles themselves are extremely durable.

  • Hand made ceramic tiles &  Hand Pressed painted patterns by Palestinian artisans in our art studios in ancient Hebron city.

  • Thick Earthenware Ceramic Tiles for your mugs , cups.

  •  And  as a  corner decor or Wall decor hanging plate

  • A Glazed and an option to be 

  • Two sizes available :  6 x 6   &   4 x 4  ( inch )  \   10 x 10 cm & 15 x 15  ( cm )

  • Discounted fixed shipping at only $6 if you order from 10 - 40 tiles  ( custom orders like these are shipped directly from Palestine)
  • You can Message us for Custom orders and bulk orders


Enjoy & Support ! Stay Updated about the Beautiful Palestinian Crafts & about The Agricultural Project. Welcome Aboard !
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