The Groom Pitcher - Phoenician Vase

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The Groom Pitcher / Stained Phoenician Vase

An ancient method... a modern touch Hand Blown recycled glass formed in the Ancient old city of Hebron in the West Bank

The Blown Glass and all the finesse of breath and motion it takes is stained with velvety and golden silky Luster pigmentation that is permanently bonded to the Phoenician glass by a process of kiln heating at certain temperatures.

The Groom deserves it as the name was chosen to imitate his stiff straight posture as he's having his stuff all pulled together and ready for his responsibilities you dirty-minded you

The Bride is in the lists somewhere around here if you search!

 The perfect gift for your "To Be"; your Fiance; Son; Daughter; Friend; Relative; a wedding gift... it just fits any Romantic occasion you can imagine. Can be used as an oil pitcher or as a vase for home & or office decorations etc.

  • Hand-blown glass 

  • Each piece is handcrafted; stains of velvety red and golden; kiln bonded

  • Holds approximately 9 fluid ounces

  • Hand wash

  • Handmade in the West Bank

  • 3Dx6H inches

 Let The Groom giggle your imagination as you own it for yourself or a dear one.

There are only 2 pieces Left of The Groom this Season; If you wish to order " The Groom " after the listed quantity is over, just message us with your request and be acknowledged that it might take 2-3 weeks for your order to be made and shipped from Palestine to the US.

Palestinian Art of Blown Glass; where we Blow, Stain and Insert the item into a Kiln for a permanent finish.

You can Read more about the History of, and How we Stained these Gunsmoke Monsoon Genuine Crystal Glasses here at our Blog. 

Color Code: 
Gunsmoke #828685
Naples Yellow #FADA5E
UPC: 749110214494

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