Toe loop strappy leather Slipper Sandal

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 Designed to mimic the Ancient Dynasty findings in the caves and treasures of the Holy Land   


  • Unisex slippers; men slipper, women slipper, boys slipper and girls slipper
  • Thick rubber Outsole with 2.5 cm thick (0.75") Heel  *Zero Drop
  • Thick genuine leather Insole and Upper
  • One wide Midfoot leather strap attached with two crossed leather straps attached to a leather toe loop
  • Straps inner lining is fibrous ; preventing Sweat and Heat (anti friction)
  • Rough anti slip outer sole (slip resistant) 


* Kindly READ the INCHES symbolized as an ( " ) for Length and Width respectively, and the Centimeters ( cm ) to keep in check about the actual width of your foot in the case that it is thinner or wider than our Standards.  

* The Symbol ( M ) is for Men and the Symbol ( W ) is for Women in US sizes.

*Zero Drop – A Heel height that allows for natural running experience in which footfalls are in the mid to forefoot area instead of the unfavorable heel strike.



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