Blown Glass

Blown Glass in Ancient city of Ibrahim AlKhalil

A Mountainous city in the Levantine on the Silk Road.

{ AlKhalil ; meaning Best Friend in Arabic language }.

Abraham, known in Arabic as Ibrahim. Had chosen to live his later years in the city of Ancient Hebron. And he died there. The converts living there from that time, have named the city after Him to be known as AlKhalil in memory of Abraham the Best Friend of Allah   { God }.

Prophet Abraham is known as the Best Friend to The Creator of The Universe.


This Ancient city was famous for its many Glass Blowing shops. Which are now only three shops.

 AlKhalil is also known as Hebron .... Ibrahim's Faith is the Peaceful Surrendering to Allah       { Islam }. Through which the spiritual messages were descending initially in his Hebrew language in that ancient Timeline.

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