Hand on Hip

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Small Pink Blown Glass Vase ~ The Hand on Hip 

Is the Gift for that special person that always places one hand on their hip when they're upset with you : )

Light illuminating ; this Stained blown glass vase reacts with light, especially when placed on a glass shelf to allow it to absorb light from every angle. It shimmers golden and silver waves into your existence. 

  • 7 inches height  3 inches at the base
  • Best washed by hand or light dish washer cycle to Keep the Shimmer on the Blown Glass

 The vase is handmade to be similar but not 100% Identical, so some might have the magenta smear dispersed slightly different.

 Message us for custom orders.

 Let - Hand on Hip Small Pink Vase giggle your imagination as you own it for yourself or a dear one.

  The ~ Hand on Hip ~ Pink Glass and all the finesse of breath and motion it takes is at a price that fits your budget, from Palestine & the Palestinian Artisans.

Palestinian Art of Blown Glass; where we Blow, Paint and Insert the item into that traditional Kiln to get that permanent touch..


Enjoy & Support ! Stay Updated about the Beautiful Palestinian Crafts & about The Agricultural Project. Welcome Aboard !
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