Glass Art

Fancy Retro Crystal Stemware 


Blown Glass Decorations & Glassware  

Ancient art methods of Staining Glass

   A Rainbow Collection of High Quality, RARE Luster Paintings, Stained on Some of our One of a kind Cut French 21% Lead Crystal Stemware .

Stained In Palestine.

Though the Stain is permanent and safe. Only the Outer Layer of the Glass is permanently coated with the Stain, and the stain is unreachable to the Drink , the drink is only in direct contact with the inner layers of the glass cup, which are not stained.
We do not promote Drinking Alcohol in these, we recommend them as Water & Juice Goblets Drink ware Sets ... because we do need you Sober.
 You can Read more about the History of, and How we Stained these Genuine Lead Crystal Glasses here at our Blog.
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