Eid Mubarak Coffee Cups

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  Set of 6, 4, 2, 1 - Eid Mubarak - عيد مبارك - Large Turkish Coffee Cup & Saucer | Beautiful Eid Decoration and Drinkware | Eid Gift | Palestinian Handmade Glazed Floral Ceramic Art

Handmade by Palestinian Artisans in AlKhalil, West Bank of Palestine.


*** We are finally approaching closer and closer to Eid , and these Holy Days are ones of the busiest at our art studio ; and so, since these quoted cups are made to order, and may consume a period of 21 days for customization and shipping, it is advised that you place your order no later than the a month prior to Eid Al Fitr & Eid AlAdha.

Many thanks for your interest.

Notice : Shipping is highest on the first item; by the time you add the 2nd 3rd items etc. Shipping will not increase much.

Each Cup has "Eid Mubarak" in both Arabic & English written on it.


The glazed Earthenware Ceramic Cup is 3 inches in diameter & 2.25 inches in height .

Its glazed Earthenware, Floral Ceramic Saucer ( plate) is 4.5 inches & 0.5 inches thick.

5 oz liquid capacity

Color options includes the Cups ; being similar to the Dominant color on the Saucers.

WHITE Color option ; means no patterns and no colors, just the Quotes in Orange or Brown ; feel free to also message us for a certain color for the Quotes.


A very Special time to be drinking with Ceramic cups Handmade in Palestine by Palestinian Artisans

Thus helping achieve the GreyWater Recycling Project for Agricultural Fruit and vegetables production Sustainability in Palestine....

Believe it, Turkish Coffee from these cups with Family and friends in Eid is Barakah... Because you are not only getting a unique quote and a quality handmade espresso shaped cup, but also, when buying these sets in particular, you will be participating in the Agricultural Sustainability Project which we are funding and operating in Palestine; to help the future generations over there, to live peaceful sustained healthy food abundant lives behind the separation wall (Apartheid) ... as they will be living in isolation.

To know more and watch 2 Videos in detail , feel free to Visit our page

Agricultural Sustainability Project 1 linked here and which is also found at our 3 bars Main Menu.

*** Due to the Military Occupation, Shipping costs from Palestine worldwide is expensive per one item , the more quantities you purchase the less the shipping costs per item.

** Shipping time: Depends on region ; from 7 - 21 days + ( 14 days producing time)

* We wrap and message Gifts

*** Feel free to place a custom order or negotiate bulk order prices here, by sending us a message from the messenger window or emailing us at ownadore@mysticland.gifts



Enjoy & Support ! Stay Updated about the Beautiful Palestinian Crafts & about The Agricultural Project. Welcome Aboard !
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